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Dean Karnazes and The Next 50 ultra running movie

Ultramarathon man in new movie that documents his battles against time.

Suffering is the whole origin of the human consciousness.
We’re never more alive than when we’re in pain and suffering.

Inspirational words? Maybe not for everyone but these are the words of Dean Karnazes, someone who is not like everyone. The ‘Ultramarathon Man’ is still undoubtedly one of the big names in ultra-distance running. The man who famously took up ultra-running after a Tequila-fuelled 30th birthday party- immediately after. He was still drunk. Since then he has ran most of the big name ultras, raced on Antarctica and ran across the US.

This teaser trailer for ‘The Next 50’ movie shows a little of what we can expect from the feature-length movies soon to be launched on Youtube. Dean is getting old. It takes him longer to recover from races now and he has to work much harder to stay competitive.

He still has the passion within himself though, and can’t bare to imagine a world that he can’t run through. Amen to that and we can’t wait for the movie.


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