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How Emelie Forsberg Became a World Class Trail Runner in 3 Years


Emelie Forsberg has only been on the world trail running scene since 2012, but in those three years she has packed a lot in and has risen to the top, establishing herself as one of the world’s top trail runners.

In this video, the latest instalment from Salomon’s Trail Running series, the Swedish runner talks about her running and her passion for the outdoors. Shot in and around her home, it’s really some really running beauty with some incredible mountain scenery that just begs to be run over.

Emelie seems to have the chilled Scandinavian attitude down to a tee. Questioning whether she is lazy- odd for someone who manages to train for 2o hours per week! Mind you. As she says, running in a Scandinavian winter can prove to be a bit of a challenge where there are only a few hours of daylight available to run (or cross-country ski) in each day. In fact, it sounds pretty ideal with a morning of skiing and then an afternoon watching the Winter Olympics on TV, drinking hot chocolate.

The summer, it seems, is where Emelie really packs in the training miles. With almost uninterrupted daylight she thinks there’s a potential for 80 hours plus of training! Although she prefers not to call it training- more just moving around. At that’s probably how she keeps the love of the sport going.

Sticking to the adage of doing what you love. She would rather remember a good day out in the mountains than a podium position. Amen to that.

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