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Adidas sponsored kayaker Jon Haylock's canoe training tips

15:51 11th June 2013 By Andrew Cremin

In this video, Adidas-sponsored kayaker John Haylock talks us through how he prepares for his time on the water.

Absolutely critical for success in the kayak is mastering the art of forward paddling. No matter if you’re attempting a freestyle manoeuvre or anything else, it is the most essential element to kayaking.

Despite his experience  John still thinks his technique is evolving. He achieves this evolution out of the water by using a paddling ergometer- a canoeing specific rowing machine- which enables him to spend hours perfecting the technique.

Tips for the perfect paddling technique

  • As you reach forward, drive through your legs and arms at the same time.
  • As you pull through, push forward with the top hand to maximise the power from the whole body.
  • Core strength is key. The core is much more powerful than the arms alone.



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