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A guide to conditioning training for climbing

10:00 8th June 2013 By Andrew Cremin

So, it turns out there may not actually be a quick-fix cheat to climbing glory. As you may well have suspected it takes a lot of hard-work and determination to get the best out of the wall.

The best way to get the best out of your climbing is to train and physically condition your body for the the rigours of pulling your entire weight up on your pinkies. Not only that, but a body in good condition will help prevent injury.

4 climbing conditioning tips:

  • Press Ups: They will increase shoulder stability which in turn will make it less likely for you get injuries. They will also increase your strength enabling you to try harder moves.
  • Core Strength: The connection between the lower and upper body and what keeps everything in place on the wall. It’s vital to work on keeping it in check.
  • Stretching: Loads of stretching is a good idea, starting with the basic stretches of the kind you were taught in school.
  • Pull Ups: They will train your entire upper body; fingers, arms and backs. Small hold pull-ups on a finger board will increase finger strength.
  • Campus climbing: Once you’re adept at pull-ups, you can progress to trying overhanging-style bouldering problems without using your legs. More climbing specific than simple pull-ups with lateral movements engaging the core and other groups of muscles in the arms.


Climbing tips from Adidas

  1. Inspiration
  2. Warming-up
  3. Fancy Footwork
  4. Dynos
  5. Conditioning
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