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Adidas-sponsored athlete Shauna Coxsey explains how to do a climbing dyno

10:00 7th June 2013 By Andrew Cremin

The dyno is one of the most dramatic moves in climbing. That all or nothing movement where a climber leaps from one hold to another.

Aside from garnering attention from members of the opposite sex, the dyno does have a practical purpose- helping you to move to otherwise out of reach holds.

In this video, adidas-sponsoered climber Shauna Coxsey runs through a few key pointers that should get you leaping up the wall like a climbing God.

Top Dyno Tips:

  • Keep your hips in: Keeping your hips close to the wall will allow you to gain much more height without wasting energy.
  • Push from your feet and legs: Using bigger muscles will generate more power. Stand-up on your feet and push harder.
  • Commit: The dynao is all about risk. You have to be fully committed to make the move. Sometimes you will fail, but that’s the only way to succeed in climbing


Climbing tips from Adidas

  1. Inspiration
  2. Warming-up
  3. Fancy Footwork
  4. Dynos
  5. Conditioning
Shauna Coxsey Climbing

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