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Ueli Steck shows how to prepare for an Everest climb

09:15 17th April 2013 By Andrew Cremin

This Spring, Ueli Steck, the Swiss mountain climbing machine is going to attempt to climb the world’s highest mountain by a new route.

Along with Italian alpinist Simone Moro, he plans to climb to the 8,848 metre summit of Mount Everest without oxygen and in an alpine-style. What that essentially means is no fixed ropes or armies of sherpas, just the two climbers helping each other to the top.

Needless to say just climbing Everest takes some serious training and preparation so we can only imagine the levels of fitness needed to try and crack a new route in this lightweight style.

How does Ueli train? Simple mountain running mostly- which probably sensible. If you’re going to climb up a mountain you should probably practice going uphill quite a bit. it also helps that Ueli lives virtually in the shadow of the Eiger and can use the mountain there for training.

He also seems to mix up the running with weight training and climbing. Watch out for the mental pull-ups he manages in the video.

It’s good to see him keeping things relatively sensible. We half expected to see a an Ivan Drago, Rocky IV montage scene of scientists and computers in this clip, alas no.

As well as all the training info, Ueli talks about his eating habits and once again it’s good to see him taking a balanced approach to things. Cheese and Salami sandwiches on the South Col, anyone?



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