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The Deuter Speedlite15 380 lightweight pack review

18:03 29th August 2013 By Fi Spotswood

Although simplistic in design without the bells and whistles of some of its competitors, the Deuter pack came up trumps in our test as a quality day pack for both function and comfort.

The simple but effective Deuter pack

The simple but effective Deuter pack

In our test, which involved trekking and running in Majorca carrying food, kit and water for 4-5 hours at a time, we found the Speedlight very easy to wear and lightweight. For a bag of its size, it was great to have a chest strap and also a lower strap to hold the pack in place. This was particularly useful when running as the pack sat flush against the bag and did not rock and roll, even on the descents. At 350g it might not keep racing weight weenies happy, but it gets the thumbs up as a lightweight holiday day pack.

In terms of features, you don’t get much, but for the money that’s not surprising, and in fact it is quite refreshing that this pack isn’t over-engineered. The little zip up pocket on top was good, just the right size for phone, wallet etc. and the useful key clip is always a good idea. There are details printed on the pocket for summoning a passing air craft which seems a bit daft but then you never know! The side elastic pockets are deep enough for a decent sized drinks bottle and the main zip is big enough to open most of the bag up so no deep sea fishing in the bottom is required when you want to search around for the final mars bar! The pack is compatible with a 2l bladder and you certainly wouldn’t want any more than that in a pack this small.

When running, you really notice the mesh straps, which let the air through, and the pack seemed to sit in a nice position on the back rather than feel like a dead weight. It was well balanced. Even when moving at pace, the pack stayed where it should. You wouldn’t race with the pack, though, because there aren’t any side pockets for snaffling away snacks.


A simple, quality back pack made for holiday treks and running. Adjustable straps make it usable on the bike, too, although the lack of side pockets might mean it is less useful on wheels. A good pack for the money which might not win any design prizes but does what it says on the tin and is robust to take a decent thrashing.

↑The good

  • Cheap as chips at £40
  • Well balanced for running
  • Nice mesh straps good for hot conditions

↓The not-so-good

  • No side pockets
  • 350g weight not great for racing
  • Doesn’t come with a bladder

Score: 7/10

The Facts

What Deuter says about the Speedlight 15 380: Our ultra light sports packs for the quick footed athlete. Experience virtual weightlessness when mountain running, ski tour racing, cycling marathons, Nordic walking or even when sprinting to catch that bus. And their new sleek silhouette makes it look even more athletic.

  • Compatible with most major makes of hydration bladders up to 2L
  • Hose clip in shoulder strap and hydration hose exit port at top of bag
  • Weight: 350 gVolume:15 lSize:43/22/17 (H/B/T) cm
  • Material: Hexlite 210 / Microrip-Nylon
  • RRP: £39.99
  • URL: http://www.deuter.com/en/DE/product/1-34/33111/
  • Score: 7/10

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