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EcoXGear ECOXBT waterproof Bluetooth Speaker review

17:33 16th August 2013 by Andrew Cremin @OutsideTimes
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A tough little box of noise that keeps your favourite tunes playing even out in the wet (and wild)

The rugged design may not appeal to everyone but it's certainly solid enough, and looks a bit like some sort of yachting safety device.

The rugged design may not appeal to everyone but it’s certainly solid enough, and looks a bit like some sort of yachting safety device.

Many people head into the outdoors to get away from everything- for some peace and quiet. If you’re one of those people you’d probably do well to avoid anyone with an EcoXBT in their pack.

The ECOXBT is a waterproof speaker built to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology in an effort to keep the music pumping whilst you’re outside. What makes it a little bit different to the multitude of Bluetooth speakers out in the world today is its waterproof, rugged construction. Its not just splash proof, the ECOXBT is fully waterproof. It even floats. So if you’re interested in towing your music behind you in the pool or can’t bare to be out in your kayak with a soundtrack, then this could be the speaker for you.

In use the speaker is plenty loud enough for most sensible situations that you could imagine using a speaker like this for with a pleasing amount of bass and a bright sound. It’s loud enough for sitting around a camp fire with a few beers with a few friends. In fact it’s probably a bit louder than that and has enough guts to annoy more than a few fellow campers.

Turn it up loud enough and the speakers will clear water from the cones themselves.

Turn it up loud enough and the speakers will clear water from the cones themselves.

The rugged design of the thing may not be to everyone’s tastes but the build quality is good with a rubberised finish to the edge which not only adds some shock resistance but also helps with grip when the speaker gets wet. There’s also a carabineer attachment to add that outdoors edge to the unit and coupled with the double handle design gives quite a few options to tie the speaker down onto various bits of gear.

Getting wet is what sets the EcoXBT apart from other similar devices. Despite being totally waterproof, it’s not particularly effective actually in water. As soon as you manage to submerge the device properly the water pressure stops the noise in its tracks. That’s generally not a problem, as you’re unlikely to ever need to listen to music actually underwater, although if the rain is particularly heavy, water sitting on the speaker cones can disrupt the sound. However, you do have the option of a clever little party trick of cranking the volume to let the speakers blow any sitting water off by themselves. Totally useless in practical terms but it does look cool.

The Bluetooth connection works simply and without much fuss. After pressing the pair button on the speaker you just need to add the password given in the speakers instructions and you’re away. The beauty of the Bluetooth connection meaning that you can keep your phone tucked away in a pocket away from the rain. Of course, using a Bluetooth connection on any phone sucks the power fast but the speaker keeps power for a solid few hours of Bluetooth use before the batteries need recharging. We’ve not managed to get to the claimed 10 hours of battery life though- our phone died long before the speaker ever did.


No one is ever going to be using this on extended trips out into the wilds, but it’s a great little thing for a bit of car camping or taking to the beach. The rugged waterproof build gives it a turn-on and forget usefulness- you take no issues with leaving it lying about on the floor or beach.





Available at www.amazon.co.uk



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