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Merrel's new Goretex barefoot shoes - Insane innovation or sense from science?

2 comments 13:48 8th July 2013 By Fi Spotswood

What do you think of Goretex running shoes?

We were interested to see that Merrell are bringing out 2 new minimal Goretex trainers this Autumn, called the ‘Proterra’ and ‘Ascend’. We wondered what our readers would think of this concept. Is it innovation for the sake of it, or sense in science?

The women's version of the Ascend Goretex barefoot shoe from Merrell

The women’s version of the Ascend Goretex barefoot shoe from Merrell

The details

The Merrell GORE-TEX® ConnectFit range are running shoes with a natural glove-like fit but that are also waterproof. They also claim breathability, and the aim to have created the most natural waterproof running shoe yet.

The barefoot feel comes down to their ‘Natural Motion’ construction, which is about minimal underfoot structure, allowing the shoe to sculpt to the foot’s shape. There is a minimum of glue, board and other construction materials so the shoes are flexible and feel natural.

Secondly, the Glove-Like Fit comes from two different GORE-TEX® laminates being combined. One has a soft feel and the other is stretchy so the shoe can hug your foot.

Finally the Climate Comfort feature of Goretex is about breathability in warm conditions. Let’s face it, feet sweat, so it’ll be interesting to see how these shoes breathe when you’re out for long runs. However, the 9 billion pores per square inch sound promising!

The men's version of the Ascend

The men’s version of the Ascend

Tell us what you think

We’ll be interested to test these shoes come the Autumn, but in the mean time, tell us what you think!


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