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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer jacket

22:18 15th September 2013 By Fi Spotswood

The Ghostwhisperer is ridiculously light. It feels like it’s made of fairy dust or cobwebs or a clever mix of both. In fact it’s just made of pure innovation and meets the needs of anyone in any sport who needs a shell jacket to be stashed away and mostly forgotten, brought out when the weather turns bad or when the quick jaunt on the bike turns into an epic. For racers, it is the perfect extra layer that really won’t slow you down. It literally weighs next to nothing.

The aptly named Ghost Whisperer

The aptly named Ghost Whisperer

We were impressed from the get go with the Ghostwhisperer. It’s athletic fit feels like it’s made for wearing, unlike most shells which seem to be overly baggy and made for just owning. It isn’t at all baggy and feels snug even in a gale. Mostly, though, we were impressed with how light the jacket is. It feels amazing, and the fabric is such that you can’t feel the material next to your skin. No horrid plastic bag feeling. Even with the full zip, the jacket is almost not there.

Let’s be clear, this is not a waterproof, so it does get wet and doesn’t keep out the British weather. But as it’s not meant to keep you dry, this is not an issue. Rather, the jacket is great at helping you regulate your temperature and stay comfortable. As such, we feel that the hood is somewhat superfluous (there is a version without a hood). If the weather’s bad enough to wear a hood then you’ll be wearing a waterproof. And there’s no way of keeping it out the way other than shoving it down you back, which works well enough but is rather annoying on the move.

Given it’s gossamer weight, the jacket dries quickly too. It doesn’t hold much water and doesn’t get heavy as a result. Nonetheless, for something so light, it’s a reassuringly strong fabric. It doesn’t feel weak like others we have tested, and the seams have stood up to quite a bit of battering under rucksacks and in races. There is no sign of wear.

Used for: Adventure racing, long summer runs, road biking

What Mountain Hardwear says about the Ghostwhisperer: A hooded jacket simply can’t get any lighter. Weighing in at a mind-bending 2 oz., this jacket is so unique that only one mill in the world is capable of making its special fabric. With its ability to stuff into its own pocket, nearly forgotten until the weather turns, it’s a runner’s/biker’s dream.

↑The Good

  • Insanely light
  • Robust design
  • Athletic fit
  • Did we mention it was insanely light?

↓The Not-so-good

  • Hood seems a bit pointless


Mountain Hardwear are right, this jacket is a biker or runner’s dream. Mostly, it’s a racer’s dream. It’s so lightweight it really is barely there, and the robust feel to the fabric makes you confident you will have something to keep out the elements should the weather turn nasty. It feels a bit too good to be true!

Score: 9/10

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Weight: 65g

Price: £55-£110

Colours: Acid green, state (red), white

URL: http://www.mountainhardwear.com/Men’s-Ghost-Whisperer%E2%84%A2-Hooded-Jacket/OM5271,default,pd.html

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