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Patagonia: Regenerating the Patagonian grasslands

15:32 31st July 2013 By Andrew Cremin

So, you may not think that farming practices are exactly top of the list of your priorities when buying outdoor gear, but it’s good see a brand taking an interest and trying to develop products by looking at the whole of their supply chain.

Men's-Merino2-LW-Zip-Neck-SmallPatagonia, never a brand to shy away from the difficult task of marrying environmental concern with creating outdoor gear has taken new steps towards creating sustainable Merino wool for use in its new base layers.

For autumn/winter 2013/14 all of the Patagonia range of base layers will be Bluesign accredited, meaning that they are suitably green and the whole supply chain has been looked at with regards to keeping everything as sensitive to environmental concerns as possible.

Not only that but all Merino wool used in Patagonia (the brand) products will now come from Patagonia (the place). Something that you might think makes sense, or may just lead to confusion in the Patagonia (brand) office.

Men's-Merino1-SW-Crew-SmallThe sheep from which the wool comes from are non-mulesed (you’ll need to Google that, but it’s a process to do with cutting away flaps of skin around a sheep’s backside)  and enjoy decent welfare standards. Not only that, but now in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy and Ovis XXI Patagonia are also helping to support the regrowth of the Patagonian grasslands where the sheep graze. After years of over-grazing, sustainable practices are being developed to help maintain the grasslands and secure a sustainable future for sheep farming in the region. Incidentally, as a consequence of these developments in husbandry, Patagonia (the brand) claims to have some of the best quality Merino yarn they have yet seen.

Anyway, sit back and watch this short video clip if you have a few moments. If you’ve ever been to Patagonia (the place) it will bring back memories. If not you can marvel at the ginger guys speaking Spanish with Welsh surnames that are more than likely of Welsh descent.



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