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Silva Carry Dry Bag 6 Litre Review

20:01 17th September 2013 By Andrew Cremin

A simple way to make sure everything stays together and more importantly, dry in your rucksack.

_MG_0358Drybags are one of those bits of easily dismissed kit. You’ve already bought a rucksack to keep your stuff in- why would you need another bag? No matter how much we’d like to pretend, rucksacks aren’t actually waterproof and after a period of time in a heavy downpour will begin to absorb water. That’s where a drybag comes in. Not only do they help keep things dry, they can help you to organise your kit- especially helpful if you’re carrying a big bag.

They usually come in a variety of sizes from large ones designed to act much like a rucksack liner down to smaller bags of a couple of litres in capacity built to hold bits of kit. We prefer the idea of compartmentalising gear into smaller bags. This means that you can easily find kit in a rush without having to sort through a whole bag. It can also make distributing the load in your pack a lot easier.

This dry bag from Silva is a great little example. It’s lightweight, so doesn’t’t add too much to the load on your back and is built from a lightweight yet tough Cordura fabric. The fabric has a ripstop construction as well, so any tears will not spread and can be repaired easily. With plenty of use the bag tested by us shows no signs of wear at all.

The roll-top closure to the Silva drybag is a fairly standard system, with a straightforward buckle closure on a stiffened plastic strip. It’s almost guaranteed not to fail or leak water so long as you roll the top over enough times (three times to be exact).

↑ The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Simple
  • Effective- almost foolproof

↓ The Not so Good

  • It’s a drybag- it’s hard to get too excited


Unobtrusive and just gets on with the job at hand. One of those bits of kit that just does what it’s supposed to and will carry on doing it for years.


The Facts:

Brand: Silva

Model: Carry Dry Bag 6L

Price: £11.50

Used For: Hiking- day and multi-day trips

Url: http://silva.se/products/outdoor/carry-dry-bag-6l-0

Weight: N/A