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35. A movie about getting old and not really caring

16:49 4th April 2013 By Andrew Cremin

This movie isn’t really about getting old. It’s more about what we do with our time here and celebrating every second.

Turning 35 for some means washing away the misery inside of a pub. For Derek Craig though it meant a challenge. He picked out 35 pitches of climbing to conquer on the day of his 35th birthday.

Luckily for him he knew film-makers who could document the trip, turning it into a great little edit about the joys of the outdoors and aiming to get the best out of things.

The climb challenge is overlaid with a call to arms for the outdoors life and not worrying about the everyday things.

Even if the ‘Always wear Suncream’ vibe isn’t for everyone, it’s given us a bit of a kick up the backside. Mostly to go and live in the US where there’s the access to that kind of rock and where you can camp out in that kind of amazing scenery. That may not have been what they were going for though.

Actually it’s hard not take a little bit of something positive from the film in the end. It did brighten up a grey sleety office afternoon here.

So, here’s to ignoring shitty bosses and what’s happening on Facebook- hang on an minute…


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