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6 tips for preparing for you first endurance mountain bike race

16:29 29th May 2013 By Andrew Cremin

Are you thinking about taking on the Wiggle Mountain Mayhem, or another endurance MTB race? Do you know what you’re doing?

Sure you’re prepared for the physical challenge of riding constantly for ages in grubby conditions, but have you thought about everything? Endurance mountain biking specialist (and Wiggle Mountain Mayhem winner 2009) has certainly been there and done that. Here are a few of his key tips to success on a loooong mountain bike race.

Mountain Mayhem Man in Ditch

Hopefully, this won’t be you.
Photo: Pro-Velo Sports/Mountain Mayhem Via Flickr

  • Why are you there?

If you are in a team, make sure you all have the same goal. Are you there to win or just to experience it?

  • Wrap up warm

Take LOTS of clothing. Having a fresh set for every lap is a real boost. Imagine getting back into sweaty, muddy clothing after just showered and feeling fresh!

  • Spare Parts

Take spares for your bike, whatever you have but especially tyres, drivetrain parts and a rear mech hanger. Don’t expect the on-site shops to stock a mech hangers for example.

  • Food

Give yourself lots of food/nutrition options. You might think that running on specific nutrition products is best, but chances are you won’t feel like a gel at 7am, where as a egg butty might be just whats needed.

  • Pit Crew

Solo riders if you have a pit helper then make sure they know what you might want. Write some information down for them, including your favourite food, drink and your bike setup.

  • It takes two

If you have a second bike, its worth taking it along. If you have any issues that you can’t fix then a backup bike will be invaluable.


Mountain Mayhem Fast bit

There are some fast bits too.
Photo: Pro-Velo Sports/Mountain Mayhem Via Flickr

By Matt Page


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