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A guide to sea kayak paddling with adidas kayaker Jon Haylock

12:06 13th June 2013 By Andrew Cremin

This time in the mini series of Kayaking how-tos, Adidas-sponsored kayaker Jon Haylock takes us through the art of paddling.

Getting your paddling technique right is essential if you’re planning on going anywhere in a kayak. It’s almost as straight-forward as it seems, but Jon has a few key pointers to get you gliding through the water like a pro.

Top Tips for effective kayak paddling

  • Smooth: Easy entry with the blade of the paddle.
  • Spear: Use a solid blade plant in the water with a firm grip on the paddle.
  • Recovery: Lifting the paddle out of the water at the end of the stroke needs to be smooth and crisp to avoid letting the paddle drag behind you.
  • Pull Phase: It’s important that you pull steadily and smoothly right to the end of the stroke.
  • Gears: Sea kayaking requires a series of paddling ‘gears’ to allow you to accelerate effectively starting with a slower comfortable motion.
  • Faster: As you increase speed increase the stroke rate, leaning forward a bit more, pulling harder and driving through your legs more.
  • Stroke Length: Keep the stroke length the same. Long, full strokes are the name of the game.



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Jon Haylock Adidas Kayaker making a turn

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