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Adidas kayaker Jon Haylock explains how to perform an Eskimo roll

11:37 14th June 2013 By Andrew Cremin

In the latest of the video series, Adidas-sponsored kayaker, Jon Haylock shows us how to get ourselves out of trouble with an eskimo roll.

If you spend any length of time in a kayak it’s likely that you will end-up the wrong way up. When everything else has gone wrong, there’s really only one way get your self  upright once again, without exiting your boat- the Eskimo Roll.

Getting back up the right way round is an advanced skill with a complex set of moves but, when broken down into its component parts, the roll can be learnt pretty quickly. Here’s how.

How to do an Eskimo Roll

  • Connection: Think of the kayak as an extension of your body, 
  • Hips first: Lead the rotation with your hips, as you move the kayak will follow.
  • Head last. The last thing to leave the water should be your head.
  • Paddle. Push with you paddle a little bit to help create some pressure to push yourself up and out of the water.



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Adidas kayaker Jon Haylock

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