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The Who, What, Where, Why and When of Barefoot Running

08:45 9th September 2012 By Andrew Cremin
Barefoot running master, Barefoot Ted barefoot running

Barefoot running master, Barefoot Ted barefoot running


Barefoot running comes from the idea that we as human beings have always had an innate ability to run- it’s coded into our DNA from our early days on the plains of Africa, as persistence hunters running after animals until they dropped down dead from over-heating. There’s a whole wealth of literature on the anthropological reasoning behind it but, the idea of running as we are evolutionary supposed to was brought to fame in 2010 with the publication of Christopher McDougall’s book ‘Born to Run’.

In essence the idea is that for most of our evolutionary tract we have run without shoes and it is only in the 40 years or so that humans have run shod. The growth of running in trainers has led to a boom in running related injuries. Running without shoes therefore should reduce the risk of running related injuries.

Or so the theory goes. There is of course a bit more to it than simply throwing away your trainers.

Read on to find out more about the techniques involved to get yourselves onto the barefoot path.