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How to turn a kayak by Adidas kayaker Jon Haylock

11:56 12th June 2013 By Andrew Cremin

In this video from Adidas-sponsored kayaker Jon Haylock we learn the art of turning in the water. Something that’s pretty essential we reckon.

Tips for effective kayak turning:

  • Get comfortable in the boat: Make sure you have a good connection to your seat, knees and feet to keep control and keep yourself balanced.
  • Look: Looking where you want to go will position your body and kayak correctly.
  • Speed: You will need forward speed to make a turn. On flat water this can only be generated by forward paddling, in white water the current should do it. Gather momentum.
  • Time your stroke: Just before you want to turn plant your paddle in a wide stroke where you want to make the turn.
  • Look: The boat should carve on its edge to where you want to be. Easy



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